Best Metal Polish India 2020

  • Best Metal Polish can also be used for brass, copper, bronze, chrome, aluminum, stainless steel, nickel etc.
  • Best Metal Polish helps in metal fittings, decorative objects, musical instruments, metal sign boards, antiques, idol.
  • Best Metal Polish can be used in hotels, restaurants, automotive, household articles, removes fine scratches in windshiel.
  • It Can be used for molds in plastic industry, polishes injection molds and dies.
  • Best Metal Polish is a non toxic, non flammable and environmentally safe product
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The surface should be dry and free from loose dirt before polishing. For a highly polished surface, apply a small amount of Metal Polish to a soft microfiber cloth and rub vigorously in a circular motion. Do not allow Best Metal Polish to dry. Buff to a high luster with a clean cloth.

Tip: Polishing and cleaning detail areas can be made easier by rubbing Best Metal Polish into a polishing cloth first. This will help eliminate the polish mess that normally settles into etching and corners.


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