Top 5 Basic Mens Grooming Mistakes
Top 5 Basic Mens Grooming Mistakes

Top 5 Basic Mens Grooming Mistakes

We all want to look stylish and beautiful but they do Top 5 Basic Mens Grooming Mistakes. But most boys only know 2-3 things in the name of looking stylish – hairstyles, shoes and clothes. Apart from this, he does not focus on those small parts of his body, which spoil his look. Even today, boys are largely ‘infamous’ for the fact that they do not take special care of their bodies. Many grooming experts also believe that boys make a lot of small mens grooming mistakes, which affect their beauty and style in the long run. We are telling you the Top 5 Common Mens Grooming Mistakes made by boys.

Top 5 Common Mens Grooming Mistakes

Do not wash mouth 2 times a day

A habit often found in boys is that they wash their face only while taking a bath. After this, they do not consider it necessary to wash their mouth for the second time in the whole day. Whereas according to the basic rules of grooming, be it girls or boys, everyone should clean their mouth at least 2 times a day with a good face wash. Wash once in the morning while bathing and the second time at night. This cleans the dirt (dust mites), oil, sebum and dead skin cells deposited on the face and does not cause acne, blackness or pimples on the face.

Do not apply Mens Grooming moisturizer on face

Another mistake that most boys make is not to use a moisturizer on the face. These are the mistakes, especially those boys who like bearded look. In fact, if the beard covers more than half of the mouth, the boys feel that there is no need to apply anything in a small part. But it is not so. Whether you keep a bare look or a clean shave, you must apply a face moisturizer on your face daily. This does not dry the skin of the face, the signs of aging do not come on the face and natural glow also remains on the face.

Using Excessive Hair Care Products

Every human loves his head hair. In this case, boys and girls are not far behind. So it is seen that boys often experiment more with their hair care products. Trying new hair care products on the hair quickly makes the hair weak and bad. A common mistake boys make is that whatever hair care product they use regularly (oil, serum, gel) takes too much of it, it also damages the hair.

Don’t pay attention to Mens Grooming and nails

Girls apply nail polish, so they grow their nails. But even while growing the nail, she takes care of its cleanliness. But boys often do not consider nail care necessary. Nails are an essential part of the beauty of our hands. So it is better that you cut extra nails every week, so that the hands look good. But if you also want to grow the nail, then keep cleaning the inner part of it, so that it does not look black and dirty.

Apply body spray or deo to clothes

Seeing in TV commercials, a lot of boys believe that girls are attracted by the smell of deo or body spray. Keep in mind that the smell of sharp smells to the attention of those around you, but its effect is negative. Smells of deo and body spray should be very common, so that only those who come close get their smell. Apart from this, one mistake boys also make is to spray deo or body spray on clothes, while they are made to apply to your body. So next time spray deo on your body and only in 3 places – neck, chest and under arms.

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